Hi! Happy New Year!

Chris Johnson (JOHNSON%northeastern.csnet@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA)
Thu, 9 Jan 86 07:29 EDT

     Hi! Happy New Year to all!

     Last year I asked for info on Wollongong and VMS and DG's version of
tcp/ip for AOS/VS. Many replies where received and appreciated. Thank

     Another couple of questions if I may.

     1) How is EXCELAN as far as reliability, usefulness, maintenance
        and bugs on VAX using VMS 4.2 or higher?

     2) Does anybody know of a FULL implementation of tcp/ip, smtp, ftp
        telnet etc for DG's mv/8000, mv/10000, mv/20000 series using
        AOS/VS. It turns out that DG's isn't a full implementation and
        I don't want to be caught needing something.

     Thanks again to all.

Chris Johnson
Northeastern University

johnson@northeastern (CSNet)
johnson%northeastern@csnet-relay (ARPAnet)

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