VPN Workshop

12 November 2003 Proceedings

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  • Workshop Minutes (MS Word)

  • Presentation Slides

  • Submitted Papers
    • UCL Documents

    • DVC Related Documents
      • Key Management System for VPN Environments Preliminary Findings (MS Word) - November 2003
      • Investigation of Key Management Capabilities for IPSec (MS Word) - June 2003 - "Previously submitted - Seeking comments from workshop participants"

    • X-Bone Related Documents
      • Use of IPSEC Transport Mode for Dynamic Routing (Current Version). J. Touch, L. Eggert, Y.Wang - 26 September 2003 - pending Informational RFC

    • Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS
      • A Simple VPN Based Access Control Protocol (MS Word)

List of attendees
Name Institution
John Floroiu FOKUS
Peter Kirstein UCL
Manish Lad UCL
John Laws DSTL
Eric Luiijf TNO
Gregorio Martinez UMU
Piers O'Hanlon UCL
Joe Spagnolo NRNS
Core Verkoelen TNO
Steve Zeber DRDC
Martin Dunmore Lancaster
Wolfgang Fritsche IABG
Joe Touch ISI
Eric Vyncke Cisco

Workshop Calling Statement

The VPN Workshop was initially organised as a two-day event in July 2003 aimed at bringing together representatives of the various organisations working on the development of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies. The workshop provided a good forum for undertaking discussion on the various issues and problems faced, and there was a clear interest in future collaboration between the parties involved.

A further meeting has therefore been proposed, to take place on 12 November 2003. The main aim will be to follow up on progress of any collaboration and to provide the opportunity for further discussion of any issues or problems.

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