ISOC, CDS and IEE, UCL is hosting some lunchtime talks during the 51st, Aug 5-10, 2001 IETFers ISOC Info on Event

During the week of August 6-10, there will be a series of informal lunchtime talks on various IETF working areas by leading members of the community, to be held in the Upper Refectory which is straight across the quad, into the cloisters, and up the stairs, at UCL which is about 15 mins away - by tube from the IETF venue

Times will be start at 12.00 and be either 30 mins or 1 hour, so this gives just enough time to get to UCL and back to the IETF Hotel by circle line tube (do not attempt taxi - it is almost certain to be slower at that time of day!).


Mon 6th August

12. Scott Bradner, Harvard University - Internet Standards RFC 2026 etc

12.30 Geoff Huston, Telstra - Internet Routing and End to End

Tues 7th August

12 Fred Baker, Cisco Systems - Quality of Service

Wed 8th August

12 Barbara Fraser, Cisco - Security

12.30 Mark Green, CacheFlow Inc. - Content Networking

Thurs 9th August

12. Marco Carugi (Voila/France Telecom) - Virtual Private Networks

12.30 Bob Fink, LANL - IPv6

There's a voluntary sign up site if you like (gives us an idea of numbers)

Also on the thursday is UK UNIX User Group (UKUUG) presents `A Decade of Linux' a talk by Theodore `Ted' Ts'o